The Submission of bimbo sissy barbi, (now leagally named Pansy Faggot)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Getting more and more sissy every day

i am becoming more and more of a thithy evewy day, i no longer allowed to wethemble a normal perthon. i now have been forthed to talk and type with a lithp, and have been forthed to thwow out any clothing that ith to adult looking
i altho feel that i a becoming addicted to hardcore
pornography, i can't go more than a hour without needed to look at thithy in a dreth, or a thithy getting beaten

My Mathter ith looking for ways to reduth my intelligance to that of a theven year old, if He doeth, i will have no thay in the matter, ath i am thimply a thlave, and thlaves have no rightth about what are done to them

pansy Faggot
the pink pansy

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My New LEGAL Name!!

yesterday i was SOOO-OO happy to recieve a letter from the Pasco Cnty (FL) court stating that my petition for name change had been granted.
i am HAPPY and PROUD to say that my New Legal Name is - PANSY FAGGOT -

YES..!! i am SO Happy, i will now be ridiculed and humiliated for the rest of my life, i cannot wait to get my ID card, (i don't have a D.L., my Master doesn't allow me to drive to work, i must take the city bus) SS card, and everything else in my NEW Name, i am sure i will almost cum in my panties the 1st time i hear someone say "Here you are, Miss Faggot".
Also, i started working as a cashier at an adult book store, it so humiliating to have to take the bus in the clothes i am "forced" to wear, but i love so much to hear people make fun/ laugh at me.

Miss Pansy Faggot

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Please!!! Help me humiliate myself!!

i am patheitc...

i am 44 years old simpering, panty-wearing, limp-wristed, lispisng sissified male
look at the clothes i wear
look at how i degrade and humiliate myself
can you please! PLEASE!! tell me i am a loser

The more people that humiliate me, the happier you will make my Master

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Here are some more pictures sites to LAUGH and RIDICULE me

and this one

i hope you like them, and LAUGH at me!!!!!

bimbo sissy barbi

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Confession

i must confess to you all....i am a sissy, a fat pathetic sissy loser. i CRAVE public Humiliation and being Degraded like the ugly pig whore i am.
i know i am worthless, a piece of sissy garbage to LAUGH AT!!
and LAUGH AT! some more. i have no desire to change my status, i WANT to be a fat pathetic sissy loser, i WANT to be Degraded!! i want to be RIDICULED!!!

PLEASE! post my pictures anywhere SISSY Loser are exploited!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

new levels of Submissiveness

today, my Master started me on a new regime, i MUST use a dual suction cup breast pump 3 hours a day, that along with the heavy dosage of Hormones i am FORCED to take, Master wants me to be lactating by the end of the month.
also Master ordered that i view internet porn at least 4 hours a day, He wants me "addicted" to pornography by the summer, and along with my FORCED masterbation 5 times a day, is driving me deeper and deeper into total submission.

Monday, April 03, 2006

some new bimbo info

FYI - my Superior Male Master, Master AJ, has instructed me to post the address to a yahoo group that deals with my public Humiliation, please feel free to join and laugh at me.. .

My Master has also instructed me to buy/ and USE a breast pump, insert a tampon daily into my boy-pussy, and masterbate 5 times a day

i am such a sissy fag --- bimbo sissy barbi